Top 22 Upcoming Web Series List 2023 Hindi & English

Top 22 Upcoming Web Series List 2023 Hindi & English: There are several Web Series which are considered to be published in the year 2023. Today people are usually preferring web series instead of movies and the world of web series continues to attract audiences with its intriguing narratives and stellar performances. This year promises to be a remarkable one as there are several web series which will be published and they are the most awaited web series by their fans. So if you are looking for the latest upcoming web series then you must read the below sections of this article.

There are several web series which will be published this year and web series are published on several OTT channels. So if you are eagerly waiting for the web series then you can get the web series by visiting the OTT channels. There are several episodes in the web series. There is something for everyone in the comprehensive list of the top 22 upcoming web series in 2023. So if you are looking for a web series then you must check the below section. All types of Hindi and English web series are destined to leave you craving for more.

Top 22 Upcoming Web Series List 2023 Hindi & English

Top 22 Upcoming Movies of 2023

The Web series is full of dramas, action, thrill, suspense and much more. The top 22 upcoming web series in 2023, both in Hindi and English, promise to deliver a wide range of genres and themes that will keep viewers hooked. It has been considered that web series shore a great impact on digital technology because people are nowadays using digital technology to watch web series. The list of the top 22 upcoming web series is given in the below list so you can read the below list.

1. Sacred Games Season 3 (Hindi)

Sacred Games Season 3 (Hindi)

After getting two successful seasons, the thrilling crime drama Sacred Games returns with its third instalment. Based on Vikram Chandra’s novel, this Netflix original series delves into the dark underbelly of Mumbai’s criminal underworld. With stellar performances from Saif Ali Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui the Sacred Games Season 3 promises to unravel even more secrets and deliver nail-biting suspense.

2. Mirzapur Season 3 (Hindi):

Mirzapur Season 3 (Hindi)

Getting the immense popularity of its first two seasons, Mirzapur has become a household name in the Indian web series landscape. Set in the crime-ridden town of Mirzapur, the show explores power struggles, revenge, and the brutal reality of gangsters. Fans eagerly await the return of their favourite characters, including Pankaj Tripathi’s iconic portrayal role of Kaleen Bhaiya. The Mirzapur Season 3 is the most awaited Indian web series of 2023.

3. Delhi Crime Season 2 (Hindi/English):

Delhi Crime Season 2 (Hindi/English)

This series is inspired by true events, Delhi Crime sheds light on the 2012 Nirbhaya gang rape case that shocked the nation. This Netflix series masterfully captures the relentless efforts of the Delhi Police to bring the culprits to justice. With its realistic portrayal and powerful performances, the second season is expected to deliver another hard-hitting narrative.

4. Bard of Blood Season 2 (Hindi/English):

Bard of Blood Season 2 (Hindi/English)

This drama was Based on the book by Bilal Siddiqi. Bard of Blood follows the journey of an excommunicated RAW agent on a mission to rescue Indian spies. The first season has got praise for its gripping storyline and strong ensemble cast. Emraan Hashmi is playing the leading role which made the fans wait for the second season’s action and spy.

5. The Family Man Season 3 (Hindi):

The Family Man Season 3

The Family Man series got famous and got liked with its compelling storyline and Manoj Bajpayee’s brilliant performance as an undercover agent juggling family life and high-stakes missions. Season 2 left viewers on the edge of their seats, and the upcoming season is expected to raise the stakes even higher.

6. Delhi Confidential (Hindi/English):

Delhi Confidential

Delhi Confidential is a spy thriller series set against the backdrop of India’s political landscape which is led by Shefali Shah.

7. Inside Edge Season 3 (Hindi/English):

Inside Edge Season 3

Inside Edge takes viewers behind the scenes of the glamorous and scandalous world of cricket. This web series has a gripping storyline and brilliant performances of the characters which made the series gain a loyal fan base. This series is available on Amazon Prime Video. Season 3 is expected to be released soon.

8. Special Ops 1.5 (Hindi/English):

Special Ops 1.5

Special Ops has been made by Neeraj Pandey which has impressed audiences with its intense plotline and compelling characters. This Hotstar Specials series is about the operation against dangerous terrorists.

9. Aarya Season 2 (Hindi):

Sushmita Sen made a stunning comeback with Aarya which is a crime thriller that revolves around a woman caught in a web of deceit and treachery. Season 1 was amazing which has left viewers craving for more and the second season is expected to take the story to new heights as Aarya navigates the dangerous world she finds herself in.

10. Mumbai Diaries 26/11 (Hindi/English):

 Mumbai Diaries 26/11

Based on the horrific 2008 Mumbai attacks, Mumbai Diaries 26/11 is a medical drama which explores the lives of doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals during the tragic event. This Amazon Prime Video series promises to offer an emotional and intense portrayal of courage and resilience in the face of adversity.

11. Selection Day Season 2 (Hindi/English):

Selection Day Season 2

The Selection Day Series was Adapted from Aravind Adiga’s novel. The Selection Day revolves around two brothers with exceptional cricket skills and their journey to fulfil their dreams.

12. Asur Season 2 (Hindi/English):

Asur Season 2

Asur is a psychological thriller which revolves around the dark world of serial killers and the battle of wits between a forensic expert and a criminal psychologist. Due to the intriguing storyline and superb performances of characters, the second season will release soon and it promises to take viewers on another gripping and twisted journey.

13. Scam 2003:

Scam 2003

The Curious Case of Abdul Karim Telgi (Hindi/English): After getting the success of Scam 1992. The Harshad Mehta Story will be soon released in the form of Scam 2003.

14. Criminal Justice Season 3 (Hindi/English):

Criminal Justice Season 3

Criminal Justice is a legal drama that examines the complexities of the Indian judicial system. Each season revolves around a different case, with Season 3 expected to tackle a new and compelling storyline that explores the blurred lines between right and wrong, guilt and innocence.

15. Hostel Daze Season 3 (Hindi/English):

Hostel Daze Season 3

Hostel Daze follows the misadventures of a group of college students living in a hostel. This Amazon Prime Video series skillfully captures the hilarious and heartfelt moments of their journey through college life. Season 3 promises to deliver more laughter, relatable experiences, and nostalgic memories.

16. Gormint (Hindi/English):


Irrfan Khan and Manav Kaul Series Gormint is a political satire that promises to offer a hilarious and thought-provoking take on Indian politics. Produced by Amazon Prime Video, this series is eagerly anticipated for its witty writing and stellar performances.

17. City of Dreams Season 3 (Hindi/English):

City of Dreams Season 3

City of Dreams explores the cutthroat world of politics, power, and family dynamics. With an engaging storyline and brilliant performances, this Disney+ Hotstar series has garnered critical acclaim. Season 3 is expected to unravel more secrets, conspiracies, and power struggles in the city’s political landscape.

18. The Test Case Season 2 (Hindi/English):

The Test Case Season 2

The Test Case is a military drama that follows the journey of the first woman to be trained as a combat officer in the Indian Army. With gripping storytelling and powerful performances, the second season aims to delve deeper into the protagonist’s struggles, challenges, and triumphs.

19. Four More Shots Please! Season 4 (Hindi/English):

Four More Shots Please! Season 4

Four More Shots Please! revolves around the lives and friendships of four independent women navigating love, career, and relationships in urban Mumbai. This Amazon Prime Video series has been widely appreciated for its relatable characters and progressive narrative. Season 4 promises to continue the journey of these dynamic women.

20. Inside Job (English):

Inside Job

Inside Job is an animated series that takes a comedic approach to the world of conspiracy theories.

21. The Sandman (English):

The Sandman

The Sandman is based on Neil Gaiman’s iconic graphic novel series. The Sandman is a highly anticipated Netflix adaptation that explores the realm of dreams and the supernatural. With its rich mythology and imaginative storytelling, this fantasy series is set to transport viewers to a world like no other.

22. Stranger Things Season 4 (English):

Stranger Things Season 4

The upcoming fourth season is expected to dive deeper into the mysteries of the Upside Down, delivering more heart-pounding adventures and supernatural twists.

Web series

The world of web series continues to evolve, offering captivating storytelling, exceptional performances, and diverse narratives. From gripping crime dramas and intense thrillers to heartwarming comedies and thought-provoking social commentaries. Web series are getting more attraction to the audience nowadays due to their stories and these are the top web series which will be released soon. So you can mark the dates over your calendars, to get the web series on time.

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