Tnreginet Registration 2023 Guide Value Search, Apply for Encumbrance Certificate & Know Jurisdiction

Tnreginet Inspector General of Registration is a portal developed by Tata Consultancy Services on behalf of the Government of Tamil Nadu and on this website, various services are provided to the people of the state. Citizens can now apply online for services provided by the government. Here on this page, you will get the information about how you can Tnreginet Registration 2023 Online with the portal to avail of the services, the procedure to check the status or search for various services and have a look at the stated information.

Tnreginet Registration 2023 Guide Value Search, Apply for Encumbrance Certificate & Know Jurisdiction

Tnreginet 2023 – Services Offered

  1. Encumbrance certificate online application
  2. Marriage certificate application online application
  3. Online certified document
  4. The letter documents the online application
  5. Society documents online application
  6. Check online EC status
  7. The process of registration for marriage, birth, death, firm, chit fund

Tnreginet 2023 Guideline Value Key Facts

Scheme NameInspector General of Registration (Tnreginet)
Introduced ByGovernment of Tamil Nadu
BeneficiariesPeople of State
Search ProcessOnline
ObjectiveProviding Services in Digital Mode
BenefitsSitting at home checking the EC certificate

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Tnreginet Registration Procedure 2023

For the citizens of TN to take advantage of these services they must first register on the portal. The process is easy, and we have tried to explain it in a simple way but, before that remember the following points.

  • Visit the official portal 2023 and find the registration tab and look for the drop-down menu here and select User Registration
  • The registration form will open on a new page and here you have to read the Note and password hint.
  • Fill in all the necessary fields including user type, user name, password, date of birth, address, ID card number, etc, and enter the captcha or code carefully.
  • Now enter the OTP received on your email or mobile number and press Complete Registration.

Process to Create Any Document

  1. Visit the official portal and log in with the user name, password and captcha code.
  2. Here find the tab called ‘Create Application’ and press it and now find and press ‘Create Document’.
  3. Complete the form that appears on the screen and also upload the necessary documents and press on the ‘Submit’ tab and always take a printout of it.

Encumbrance Certificate Search: ECview

When trying to invest the investor must always determine that an EC has been issued so that there are no hidden liabilities. It is better to visit the Tnreginet 2023 and then step forward to spend your money.

  • First, visit the and find the option named E-services and see the default options.
  • Search the tab named as EC and then press on “ View EC  and a form appears where you can either select ECview or Document wise.
  • If you select EC, fill in the form consisting of sub-registration office, survey number, sub-division office, etc If you opt for Documentmwise, fill in the necessary details in the form and fill in the code and then press on the search option.

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Check Any Document Status Online @

  • Visit the official website portal services and login
  • At the down of the portal, you will see a right side called ‘Know your application status, and press on the link ” Document status “.
  • Here there are 3 options,
    1. Temporary deed number.
    2. Pending number.
    3. Registration number.
  • Select any one of the above options and fill in the necessary details.
  • Now press on the search option, and you can see it unveil the live status of your document.

Process to get Stamp Vendor, Document Writer, Society, Marriage, Birth and Death, Firm, Chit Fund, duty and fees, Forms, and Jurisdiction-

Search Stamp vendor

  1. Visit the official website and find the menu tab in the center of the page.
  2. From the menu, Find the select stamp vendor.
  3. Fill in the required fields along with the Captcha code and select search and avail the information.

Get Document Writer

  • Log on to the portal and find the more tab and place the cursor to see the menu and press Document writer from the search tab.
  • Type in all the necessary fields and also fill in the Captcha code and press on the Search button and details will show.

Process To Check Society

  1. Log on to the official TN Registration portal AND Search for ‘More’ that is seen in the center of the page.
  2. Place the cursor on it and look for the menu.
  3. Here find ‘Search’ and then press society and fill in all the details and also type the Captcha code correctly.
  4. Press on ‘search’, and you shall see all the details on your screen.

Process to Search Register Marriage

  1. Open the official marriage certificate online website and press on More and look for search in the menu.
  2. In the fly-out menu press on marriage and here one shall specify the marriage type and select the place of ceremony in the ‘press here’ option.
  3. A new page as search by shall appear with the options registration wise and name wise and now choose any option and fill in all the required fields.
  4. Later press on the search button, and you shall get all the details on the screen.

Search for Birth and Death Registration

  • Jump on the and find the more tab.
  • Place the cursor on it and look for a search in the menu and a fly-out emerges where you can select birth and death.
  • On the new page, select either birth or death, depending on whatever you need and type the necessary details, i.e. the certificate number, name, etc.
  • Take care to type the captcha code accurately and press the search button.

Check Information about Firm

  • Log on to the official website and look out for the more option in the menu, find search and press on the firm.
  • Here fill all the required fields from the drop-down menu along with the firm name and running number and type the code before clicking on the search option.

Find Chit Fund

  • Log on to the website and place the cursor on the more tab and in the drop-down menu find search and press on chit fund in the fly-out menu.
  • Fill in all the fields that include DRO name, sequence, and group number and then type the code and press on the search for the related information.

Check Duty and Fees

  • Jump on the services and find the “more” tab.
  • In the menu press on ‘Duty and Fees and here you shall have all the information about the charges of services.

Download Various Utility Forms

  • Visit the website and place your cursor and find the more tab
  • Here you shall find a tab named ‘Portal utility service and select ‘Public utility form’ from the fly-out menu.
  • All the forms will be on your device’s screen, and you can download them very easily now.

Know your Jurisdiction

  • Again visit the tnreginet official website and look for the menu in the ‘More’ tab.
  • Place the cursor on ‘Portal utility services’.
  • Press on ‘Know your Jurisdiction’ from the fly-out menu and enter the details asked on the screen.
  • Press the search tab, and you will have all the information on the screen.

User Manual Download Method

  • To download the user manual, first, visit the official website and then find the tab ‘Help’, in the middle of the page then in the menu, press on ‘User manual’.
  • Here you can find the manual for all services and press on download alongside the respective service.

FAQ For Tnreginet Registration 2023

What is the application fee for applying the TN Encumbrance Certificate?

The applicants do not require any application fee for applying the EC via online on the website.

Can an applicant view, search, and download the Tamilnadu EC Online on the portal?

All the applicants can view, search, and download the Encumbrance Certificate on the official portal.

Is it mandatory to register on the portal as a new user to apply for the EC?

Yes, the applicants must register as citizens to avail of the TN Government Services online on the website as new users to apply for the EC.

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  1. I have register property in Thanjavur sub register office no 1 on 05.11.2020 upto now EC not update with my name

    I dont know why this much delay as its all online system it should have immediately update in EC while register documents.

    Kindly resolve it

  2. I have register property in Thanjavur sub register office no 1 on 05.11.2020 upto now EC not update with my name

    I dont know why this much delay as its all online system it should have immediately update in EC while register documents


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