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Rajasthan Liquor Price List 2023-24 PDF, Whisky/ Rum/ Beer New Rate List: The release of the Rajasthan Liquor Price List for 2023-24 has caused a stir among alcohol enthusiasts and industry professionals also. The new rates for whisky, rum, and beer have been unveiled in the PDF, it’s time to delve into the details of the changes that the liquor market in Rajasthan has in store for the upcoming year. This comprehensive guide will explore the revised rates for different categories of liquor, giving consumers valuable insights into the prices of their favourite spirits.

From the classic elegance of whisky to the tropical allure of rum and the refreshing nature of beer. All the liquor prices have been updated in Rajasthan. So if you are looking for the new rate list then you can explore the rates in this article. Alcohol enthusiasts can explore the exciting updates in the Rajasthan Liquor Price List for 2023-24 in the below sections easily. This article will be beneficial for alcohol lovers in gaining knowledge about the new prices of Alcohol in Rajasthan.

Rajasthan Liquor Price List 2023 – Overview

Article Title Rajasthan liquor Price List 2023
Category of the Article Economy
State Rajasthan
Year 2023-24
Name of the Liquor Beer Rum Whisky
Price List Format PDF
Authority Name Rajasthan Government
Official Website https://excise.rajasthan.gov.in/
Rajasthan Liquor Price List PDF 2023-24 @ Direct Download Link


Whisky is a beloved spirit renowned for its depth of flavour and complexity. It holds a special place in the hearts of liquor lovers. The Rajasthan Liquor Price List for 2023-24 showcases an impressive range of domestic and international whiskies which allows enthusiasts to explore various brands and expressions.

In the whisky category, prices may vary based on factors such as brand reputation, age, and the production process. The PDF provides a comprehensive breakdown of the revised rates, enabling consumers to make informed choices. Whether you prefer the peaty flavours of whiskies or the mellow sweetness, the price list offers various options to suit different tastes. The price List of the Whisky in Rajasthan is given below so you can check the list below:-

Brand Name Bottle 750 mlHalf 375 mlQuarter 180 ml
100 Pipers Blended Scotch Whisky Aged 12 Years.Rs. 2480 Rs. 635
100 Pipers Deluxe Blended Scotch Whisky.Rs. 2040Rs. 1020Rs. 505
8 Pm Premium Black Exquisite WhiskyRs. 690Rs. 345Rs. 170
8 Pm Special Rare WhiskyRs. 460Rs. 230Rs. 115
A.C.S.E.K.C. WhiskyRs. 445Rs. 225Rs. 110
Ac Black Luxury Pure Grain WhiskyRs. 690Rs. 345Rs. 170
All Seasons Golden Collection Reserve WhiskyRs. 690Rs. 345Rs. 170
Royal Stag Deluxe WhiskyRs. 690Rs. 345Rs. 170
Vat 69 Blended Scotch WhiskyRs. 1985Rs. 1070Rs. 530
William Lawson’s Blended Scotch WhiskyRs. 1535Rs. 770 
Signature Premier Grain WhiskyRs. 1040Rs. 520Rs. 260
Solan Number One Black Rare & Premium WhiskyRs. 690Rs. 345Rs. 170
Teachers 50 Blended Scotch WhiskyRs. 2385Rs. 1195Rs. 595
Royal Ranthambore Heritage Collection Royal Crafted Exclusive WhiskyRs. 2185Rs. 1035Rs. 520
Rockford Classic Finest Blended WhiskyRs. 1030Rs. 525Rs. 260
Imperial Blue Reserve Grain WhiskyRs. 630Rs. 315Rs. 155


Rum has its tropical origins and diverse flavour profiles and it continues to gain popularity among liquor enthusiasts. The Rajasthan Liquor Price List for 2023-24 reflects this growing trend by presenting an extensive selection of rums at attractive prices. From light and fruity white rums to rich and dark-aged varieties and the revised rates cater to the preferences of alcohol lovers.

Like whisky, rum prices can vary depending on the brand, age, and production methods. The PDF offers a comprehensive overview of the new rates which enables consumers to explore a wide range of options within their desired budget. If you enjoy sipping on a smooth, spiced rum or prefer the complexity of varieties then the price list serves as a valuable resource for rum enthusiasts in Rajasthan. The Rum Price List is given below so you can check it out.

Brand Name Bottle 750 mlHalf 375 mlQuarter 180 ml
1965 Spirit Of Victory Rare Xxx RumRs. 580Rs. 290Rs. 145
Bacardi Carta Blanca Superior White RumRs. 995Rs. 510Rs. 250
Black By Bacardi Classic Original Premium Crafted RumRs. 675Rs. 340Rs. 170
Old Monk Matured Xxx Deluxe RumRs. 465Rs. 240Rs. 120
Globus Spirits Black Lace Xxx Rum  Rs. 87
Bacardi Limon Original Citrus RumRs. 1065Rs. 535Rs. 265
Very Old Vatted Old Monk RumRs. 575Rs. 290Rs. 145


Beer is a beverage cherished for its refreshing qualities and it is a staple in the lives of many. The Rajasthan Liquor Price List for 2023-24 recognizes the growing demand for a diverse range of beer styles and provides consumers with an extensive selection at competitive prices. The Rajasthan Government has updated the prices of all types of beers.

The PDF presents both domestic and imported beers which ensures that consumers have ample choices to suit their preferences. If you love beer and are looking for a new rate list then you can check for the rates in the below list easily. With the price list in hand, consumers can explore different brands and flavours that allow for a more enjoyable and personalized beer-drinking experience.

Brand Name 330 ml650 ml
Carlsberg Smooth Super Premium BeerRs. 100Rs. 210
Carlsberg Elephant Strong Super Premium BeerRs. 100Rs. 210
Tuborg Strong Export Premium BeerRs. 85Rs. 150
Tuborg Green BeerRs. 75Rs. 140
Tuborg Classic Black Super Strong BeerRs. 95Rs. 160
Golden Eagle Lager Beer Rs. 150
Golden Eagle Platinum Super Strong Beer Rs. 170
Meakins 10000 Ultra Premium Super Strong Beer Rs. 160
Wave Platinum Beer Strong BeerRs. 85Rs. 150
Kingfisher Extra Strong Premium BeerRs. 85Rs. 150
Bad Monkey Strong BeerRs. 95Rs. 160
Kingfisher Select Premium Lager BeerRs. 85Rs. 150
Cox 10000 Strong Premium BeerRs. 85Rs. 150
Mount’s 6000 Super Strong BeerRs. 85Rs. 150

Rajasthan Liquor Price List 2023-24 PDF

To access the complete Rajasthan Liquor Price List for 2023-24 in PDF format then you can visit the official website of the Rajasthan Excise Department. The PDF contains detailed information about the revised rates for whisky, rum, beer, and other liquor categories. If you are a consumer then you can reach out to authorized vendors and retailers who typically have copies of the price list available. By referring to the PDF, consumers can stay up-to-date with the latest prices, plan their purchases, and explore new options within their preferred budget.

Steps to check the Rajasthan Liquor Price List 2023

Users can easily check the Rajasthan Liquor price List by following the given steps below:-

  • First of all, you are required to open the official website of the Integrated Excise Management System Government of Rajasthan or you can also tap on the link to open the official website (https://excise.rajasthan.gov.in/).
  • Now you are required to click on the Liquor Pirce List on the home page.
  • Now you have to click on the download option.
  • Your Rajasthan Liquor Price List will be downloaded to your PC and you can check the price by searching for the brand in the list.
Official WebsiteClick Here
Home PageClick Here

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rules set by the Rajasthan Government for carrying Liquor?

A person can only Carry 3 litre of country liquor, IMFL 6 litre and 7.8 Litre Beer at a time.

What are the dates of Dry Day?

Dry Day Dates set by the Government of Rajasthan are Republic Day, Shahid Diwas, Independence Day, Gandhi Jayanti and Mahaveer Jayanti.

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