Member Stories

We encourage you to read and be inspired by the stories of some of our eAware members as they make their way along the path to recovery and health.

Sherry L

My story isn’t so bad compared to the years of suffering that our eAware founders endured. But, just the same, I suffered in my own way. Along the way I found a new career that gives me joy. Looking back, I think I have been hypo since my late 20’s, when I began to use…

Val T

In 3 years or at 22 years old, this doctor died and I had to find an Endo to treat me. I was told Armour was outdated and should be taken off the market and given this “wonderful new drug” Synthroid. I NEVER felt normal on it, but the super bad hypo symptoms did not return. So I was told to diet and exercise and the creeping weight would go away. I started collecting copies of the 1200 calorie a day diet that I would soon have enough of to paper my walls with.

Cecile J

Living through the many massive overdoses left doctors and nurses scratching their heads. The only explanation, to me, for not only having survived those, among other life threatening situations, but life after a subsequent ‘release from therapy’ as well, was simply God. Through a bizarre series of events in 1980, I was hospitalized and tested and there was no indication of Manic Depression or Paranoid Schizophrenia. I was 33 and had the emotional maturity of a 13 year old.

Darla C

After 20 years taking Synthroid Darla’s health was failing miserably. She lost her business and was told she needed to be tested for Alzheimer’s. Desiccated thyroid and adrenal support saved her life. “I was told the reason I was tired, couldn’t lose weight and kept gaining was because I was overeating, “SLEEP EATING”, and not exercising. None of this was true. I asked doctors repeatedly if there was anything besides Synthroid that I could take. They said it was the only drug available for hypothyroidism and I was usually given prescriptions for anti-depressants that I would not fill”.