Income Tax E Filing Portal 2.0, Login details

Income Tax E Filing Portal 2.0 has been started, Login, Income Tax New Portal Features.

In this era of rapidly growing technology and the internet, the Government of India has also been making efforts to walk step by step. And now in this line to provide a more modern and simple tax payment experience to the taxpayers in the country, the Income Tax Department of India has launched a new Income Tax e-Filing Portal. Yes! The government’s new Income Tax e-Filing 2.0 website will be seen providing interactive software for e-filing to the users. Through this, taxpayers in India will be able to easily file their Income Tax Return (ITR). Till now the existing web portal of the Income Tax Department is being used, but from now on the department has got a new address online, which is the new e-filing portal – which will make your experience great.

Income Tax E Filing Portal 2.0

The Indian Income Tax Department has launched a new electronic filing portal to further promote the work of taxpayers very easier. This new, easy-to-use electronic application website contains many new features, and its main goal is to make people’s work easier. With this help, Indian taxpayers can now easily submit their income tax returns (ITR). It also provides call center assistance for filing returns.

After the deadline for the current portal of the department of Income Tax of 6 June, the new electronic filing portal:, called the Electronic Filing 2.0 website, has become the new electronic income tax filing and it is life now. The portal will provide a new online taxation system in India that supports online banking, UPI, credit cards, and payment options such as RTGS or NEFT. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for Indian taxpayers to submit income tax returns for quick tax refunds.

Income Tax E Filing Portal 2.0, Login details

New Portal of Income Tax E Filing

In addition, all pending interactions, uploads, or operations are displayed on the dashboard to help users quickly find what they are looking for. It also provides new ITR preparation software, which asks interactive questions to help taxpayers submit ITR 1, 4 (online and offline), and ITR 2 (offline) forms. However, support for the filling of ITRs 3, 5, 6, and 7 will soon appear on the new portal.

In addition, taxpayers will be able to update their data and provide detailed information about their income, which will be used by the new portal to archive their ITR in advance. Nevertheless, detailed pre-filing with salary income, interest, dividend, and capital gains will be available once the TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) and SFT (Details of Financial Transactions) details are uploaded by June 30.

Highlights of Income Tax E Filing Portal 2.0

Name of the departmentIncome Tax department
Under GovernmentFinance ministry under the Government of India
Purpose of launching a new websiteTo make the filling of ITR smooth
Launching date7 June 2021
old website
New website

Income Tax E Filing Portal 2.0 New features

  • On this Income Tax E Filing Portal 2.0, users are being offered a new online tax payment system with payment options like Net Banking, UPI, Credit Card, and RTGS or NEFT.
  • The Income Tax E Filing Portal 2.0 is providing an excellent user interface for taxpayers to file their Income Tax Returns for instant refunds.
  • Under the new UI, all the portal interaction options for users like upload or pending action, etc. will be displayed on the dashboard itself, so that users can easily find those options with clarity.
  • It is worth noting that in Income Tax E Filing Portal 2.0, the software has also been provided to prepare ITR, which will ask the tax filing users some questions and they will be asked to submit ITR Form 1, 4 (online and offline), and ITR 2 (Offline) will also help in filling up.
  • But make it clear that there is no such facility on the portal to help you prepare for filing ITR 3, 5, 6, and 7, but soon they will also get the facility like ITR Form 1,4, or 2.
  • Via Income Tax E Filing Portal 2.0, it will be easier for taxpayers to update their profile and provide details about their income and they will also be able to use this information in the pre-filing of their ITR through the new portal. Income Tax E Filing Portal 2.0, Login details and New features

Income Tax website: Chat-bot and live support

Among all these features, the most notable feature that we talked about in the beginning is a new call center feature. Under this, taxpayers will be able to get the service related to answering their queries. The new portal will also help users to file ITR through FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), user manuals, chat with chat-bots or live agents and videos, etc.

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New Mobile App for Income Tax department

Along with this e-filing 2.0 web portal, the Ministry of Finance of India has also decided to launch its new mobile app. If reports are to be believed, the app can reportedly be made available on iOS and Android from June 18.

Income Tax E Filing Portal 2.0 Login details

The Income Tax E Filing Portal 2.0 has been released and it may take some time for it to become stable and taxpayers can easily take advantage of all its new features. This Income Tax E Filing Portal 2.0 has been developed under the government’s e-governance plan. This is a completely new portal, which makes e-filing easy for taxpayers the purpose of this portal is to provide a single window for income tax-related services to the taxpayers and the concerned parties, and the login details, it will be shared soon.

Official Website

Income Tax E Filing Portal 2.0 FAQs

Why Income Tax E Filing Portal 2.0 is launched?

Income Tax E Filing Portal 2.0 is launched to provide users with smooth operation to file there ITR.

When will New Mobile App of Income Tax department is launching?

New Mobile App of Income Tax department is launching some where in third week of June 2021.

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