How Difficult is HCS Exam & Haryana Civil Services Exam Preparation Tips

Everyone dreams of joining HCS in the state of Haryana by passing the Civil services examinations examination, but only a few can fulfill their dreams. And only those who pass a tough exam like HCS are able to become bureaucrats of the state. Selection is done in the Haryana Civil Services exam based on the ranking obtained in the HPSC HCS examination. Candidates who are finally selected in the Civil Services Examination are selected for any service only on the basis of their marks and the order of preference prescribed by them in the main examination form.

How Difficult is HPSC HCS Exam

It is one of the most difficult examinations and everyone wants to know its selection process. Before starting their preparation all the candidates have to know and understand the HPSC exam pattern and various stages. Only then will they be able to do their preparation properly. HPSC HCS is conducted in three phases. The first stage is the Preliminary Examination (Prelim), the second stage is the Main Examination (Main) and the third stage is the Personality Test (Interview).

If we ask you whether the civil service examination is difficult, or not, I know almost everyone will have the same answer – “difficult”. Yes, if I ask this question again after hearing this answer, why is it difficult? then the answer will not be the same. Some might even think about what to say. Let us consider this situation a little. Generally, when we answer most of the questions, those answers come out of our own perceptions.

How Difficult is HCS Exam & Haryana Civil Services Exam Preparation Tips

Haryana PSC HCS Examination Difficulty Level

And the difficulty is that what we call “my perception”, “my thoughts” and even “my experience” are not mine. They belong to others. That is, we belong to the group and belong to society. Throughout our life, we live in the misconception of accepting those traditional beliefs as ‘my beliefs, in which there is no ‘I’.

How to Prepare for HPSC HCS Exam

If you are afraid to work hard, then this exam is definitely not for you. This also does not mean that it has to work so hard that eyeglasses are raised and there is no time to shave. To know how tough an exam is, one should look at its success ratio. By this criteria, the Civil Services Exam or HCS Exam can be called the most difficult exam. Commitment, preparation, and luck are not enough to get success in such exams.

For this, it is necessary that the candidates should make the preparation of HCS as their lifestyle. At first, it may seem very cumbersome but if you are dedicated and serious about clearing the HCS exam, then there is no better way to prepare for it. Is not.

Important Things to Remember to Clear HPSC HCS Exam

The journey to success in the HCS exam is very long and difficult. Your commitment will help in completing this journey. You will face many challenges and problems, which will make your steps difficult. There are many youngsters who, after putting in 5 to 7 years preparing for HCS, gave up due to social pressure or persistent failure.

Despite all such challenges, it is also true that every year a handful of candidates crack this exam on the strength of their will. For this, it is important that you have confidence in yourself and dedication to your goal.

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How to Get Success in Haryana PSC HCS Prelims & Mains Exam

If you want to succeed in the Haryana PSC HCS exam, then you do not need to tell how important it is to make a timetable for your studies. Your timetable should be such that the hours of study, rest, physical activity and social life should be balanced among all.

Despite the difficult nature, the Haryana Civil Services Examination is an examination in the state, which does not require any technical knowledge or specialization in the subject for success. Therefore, the minimum qualification for this has been kept as a mere graduation.

That is to say, any graduate qualification can succeed in this most prestigious examination of the state, provided that he/she studies in the right direction with the right strategy and the right study materials.

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